Sing songs in Russian,
Sing songs, learn Russian and have fun!

Sing, learn, speak: learning Russian with songs!

serdz00e.jpgLearning Russian may seem like a daunting task, but don't be discouraged! After all, there are many exciting and effective ways to make this process easier and more interesting. One such method is learning the language through songs.

We, the team at Russian Language School, believe that songs are not just fun, but also a powerful tool for learning a language. That's why we started to create a series of unique educational cartoons based on songs. We write the verses for the songs ourselves, or use poems by Russian poets to create songs.

In our cartoons, the characters sing the songs, and colorful animation illustrates the words and concepts sung about.

Advantages of using songs to learn Russian

This approach to language learning has several advantages:

1. Increased motivation: Songs make language learning more fun and interesting, which in turn increases motivation to learn.

2. Developing listening skills: Listening to songs helps to improve listening comprehension of the Russian language, to distinguish intonation and pronunciation.

3. Vocabulary development: Songs contain many new words and expressions that are easy to memorize due to rhyme and melody.

4. Improving grammar: Songs often use different grammatical constructions that can be easily learned in context.

5. Developing phonetic skills: Singing songs helps to improve pronunciation and intonation.

6. Cultural immersion: Songs are a reflection of a country's culture, so learning them allows you to familiarize yourself with the traditions and customs of the Russian people.

How to use songs to learn Russian

Listen to songs: Start by simply listening to songs in Russian. Gradually you will get used to the sound of the language and memorize new words.

Pay attention to the lyrics: Find the lyrics of the song and read them. This will help you better understand the words and their meaning. In our cartoons we make subtitles in Russian so that you can not only listen but also read the lyrics at once.

Sing songs: Sing songs with our singers. This will help you improve your pronunciation and intonation.

Use the songs in lessons: Russian teachers can use songs in their lessons for various purposes, such as practicing listening, expanding vocabulary or learning grammar.

Create your own songs: If you already know Russian quite well, you can try writing your own songs. This will help you improve your language skills and express your personality.


Using songs to learn Russian is an effective and engaging method that can help you make significant progress.

Russian Language School offers you unique learning songs created in the form of animated movies. This helps to make learning Russian not only productive but also enjoyable.

P.S. Don't be afraid to sing! Even if you are not confident in your vocal abilities, singing songs in Russian is a great way to improve your pronunciation and intonation.

And remember: The main thing is to enjoy the process!

Questions about the article

Роман Морозов
Project Manager of Russian Language School
For whom is learning Russian with the help of songs suitable?
This method is suitable for people of any age and level of Russian language proficiency, from beginners to advanced.
What are the advantages of learning Russian through songs?
Learning Russian through songs increases motivation, develops listening comprehension, expands vocabulary, helps you learn grammar in context, improves pronunciation, and immerses you in Russian culture.
How can songs be used to learn Russian?
It's very simple! Listen to songs, sing songs, write your own songs in Russian.
Where can I find songs for learning Russian?
On our YouTube channel. You can also use any Russian songs, which are published in large numbers on YouTube.
How do I choose songs for learning Russian?
Choose songs that you like and that match your language level. Pay attention to the lyrics and their relevance to your learning goals. Use songs with subtitles in Russian.
How often should I listen to songs in Russian?
It is recommended to listen to the songs every day, 15-30 minutes a day. But the more often you listen to songs, the faster you will learn the language.
Do I have to sing songs in Russian or can I just listen to them?
Singing songs is not necessary, but it can help you improve your pronunciation, intonation and memorization of words.
How can I improve my pronunciation with songs?
Sing songs with the singers, trying to repeat their intonation and pronunciation. Record yourself and compare your pronunciation with native speakers.
How to expand the vocabulary of the Russian language with the help of songs?

Write out new words and expressions from songs. Use cards to memorize words. Make sentences with new words.
How to make learning Russian more interesting with songs?

The most important thing is to choose songs that you like. Listening and singing songs should make you feel good. You can also listen and sing songs together with your friends. And, of course, try to write songs in Russian, it is not as difficult as it seems at first sight!

Remember that learning Russian through songs is an effective and fun method that can help you make significant progress. Don't be afraid to sing and enjoy the process!

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