About the Russian Language School Team
Passionate about the Russian language, united by a common goal.
About the Project
Russian Language School is more than just a project to learn the Russian language; it's a community of people genuinely passionate about this language and its rich culture.

We believe that the Russian language is not just a set of words and grammatical rules but a key to understanding the history, traditions, and values of an entire nation. By learning the Russian language, you open up new possibilities, broaden your horizons, and become part of a unique cultural heritage.

Our mission is to make learning the Russian language accessible, engaging, and effective for people of all ages and levels of preparation, regardless of where they live.
Development History
The project was launched in 2021 by Roman Morozov, a passionate advocate for making the Russian language accessible to people worldwide.

In 2022, Ekaterina Alexeeva, a talented illustrator, joined the team. Her vibrant characters and captivating illustrations brought life to the educational cartoons.

Early in 2024, Irina Kravtsova, an experienced methodologist, added her expertise to our team. She skillfully transforms the cartoons into engaging and effective educational programs.

Also in 2024, Olga Komarova, a professional video editor and sound designer, joined our team. Olga creates immersive soundtracks that transport learners into the world of the language they're studying.
Today, our team is a close-knit group of like-minded individuals, each bringing their invaluable expertise to the common goal.

Together, we:
  • Develop engaging animated cartoons that make learning Russian accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Share helpful tips and recommendations for learning the Russian language.
  • Foster an atmosphere of support and mutual assistance within our community.

We believe that everyone has the potential to learn the Russian language and discover its beauty and richness.

Join us!

Together, we'll make learning Russian fun and accessible for everyone!
Environment 2D artist; Illustrator
Ekaterina Alexeeva
A skilled artist with a creative eye, Catherine's expertise in 2D character design and illustration is instrumental in crafting the captivating visuals that define the Russian Language School brand.

Her strong foundation in fine arts was established through her studies at NGUIDI (Novosibirsk), where she specialized in Monumental Painting. Catherine's professional experience as a 2D artist has further honed her skills in creating digital illustrations.
Catherine's passion for art and her dedication to sharing her talent with others make her an invaluable asset to the Russian Language School team.
Educational programs methodologist
Irina Kravtsova
She holds two higher degrees in education: a first degree in Russian language and literature teaching from VGPU's Humanities Faculty (Voronezh) and a second degree in Teacher of Russian as a foreign language from Moscow State University. Completed the Educational Program Methodologist course at Netology.

Irina is always up-to-date on the latest teaching methods and is always ready to implement innovative approaches into our educational content, making it as effective and engaging as possible for you.
Irina is an experienced teacher and methodologist with extensive knowledge in the field of education and Russian language teaching.
Scriptwriter; 2D animator; Project manager
Roman Morozov
Education at KGPI (Syktyvkar), specializing in "Teacher of Russian language and literature" and Moscow State University, specializing in "Teacher of Russian as a foreign language" gave Roman a deep knowledge of the Russian language and methods of teaching it.

His experience as a scriptwriter and 2D-animator allows him to create exciting and informative materials that will make learning Russian not only effective, but also interesting and accessible.
Roman is the inspirer and project manager of the Russian Language School project, whose determination is the driving force behind the project.
Montage director; Audio design specialist
Olga Komarova
Her education at SPbGUP (St. Petersburg) as an editing director and additional training as a sound designer at Netology allowed Olga to develop the necessary skills to create high quality animated content.

Her creativity and commitment to excellence ensure that each Russian Language School educational cartoon is not only informative, but also aesthetically pleasing.
Olga is a master of her craft, whose flair for sound and image plays a crucial role in creating exciting animated films for Russian Language School.
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