25 апреля 2024
Learning Russian, like any other language, can seem daunting, especially when it comes to memorizing vocabulary. But don't panic!

How many words do you need to know?

In fact, you don't need to learn tens of thousands of words for the beginner level. Statistics show that about 400 words cover 90% of spoken language.

How to learn them?

1. Context:

  • Don't memorize words in a list.
  • Learn them in the context of sentences and phrases.
  • Come up with examples of how to use the words in different situations.

2. Motor memory:
  • Write down new words by hand.
  • This will help them stick better thanks to the involvement of motor memory.

3. Thematic groups:
  • Learn words by topic, e.g. food, clothing, transportation.
  • This way, words will be associated with each other and memorized easier.

4. Associations:
  • Come up with associations for new words.
  • Use pictures, sounds, smells to make memorization more visual.

5. Repetition:
  • Regularly repeat the words you've learned.
  • Use them in speaking and writing.
  • Come up with games and exercises to reinforce the words.

6. Texts, songs, poems:
  • Read and listen to texts in Russian.
  • Learn songs and poems.
  • This will help you memorize words in context and improve pronunciation.

7. Apps and online resources:
  • Use special apps and online resources for learning Russian.
  • Many of them offer games, flashcards, tests, and other interactive exercises for memorizing words.

8. Communication:
  • Communicate with native speakers.
  • Practice speaking.
  • The more you use words in real situations, the better they will be remembered.


  • Don't set unrealistic goals.
  • Learn words gradually, in small portions.
  • Make the language learning process interesting and engaging.
  • Don't be afraid of mistakes, learn from them.

Use these tips and you will be able to easily and effectively memorize words when learning Russian!

Additional tips:

  • Use mnemonic techniques, such as the acrostic method.
  • Make flashcards with words.
  • Solve crosswords and puzzles.
  • Watch movies and TV shows in Russian.
  • Read books and articles in Russian.

Good luck with learning Russian!

Author: Irina Kravtsova
Methodologist of educational programs
Russian Language School project
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